About Us

CBD Information

To meet the growing demand for evidence-based medical cannabis education, we have created an eLearning website to help educate a growing community of healthcare professionals and patients who want to learn about the science and clinical data behind cannabis-based therapeutics and its potential clinical applications. Our research-based materials help individuals gather quality information to inform themselves and others about the potential of cannabinoids for an array of disorders. Through our offerings, healthcare professionals will learn about everything from the basics of the endocannabinoid system to specific medical cannabis treatments for pain, cancer, auto-immune, neurodegenerative and other diseases.

Our site provides:

  • Updates for doctors and patients on developments in cannabis science, therapeutics and legislation surrounding cannabinoids.

  • Updates and connects readers with research institutions and medical facilities conducting clinical trials with cannabinoids.

  • Offers registration for the Worldwide Cannabis Patient Tracking Study, where individuals currently taking cannabis can track their progress, and contribute to science.

  • Conducts training workshops for health workers and dispensary staff on the benefits and challenges of CBD-rich therapeutics and ways to maximize interactions with patients.

  • Publishes a free online blog that covers the science, news, and legal issues surrounding cannabis.