A cutting edge paper from three cannabis friendly medical professionals— Dustin Sulak, Russel Saneto, and Bonni Goldstein— outlines case reports and the applications of cannabis medicine for epilepsy and seizure disorders.
Cannabis clinicians treating epileptic patients in three medical marijuana states – California, Washington and Maine – have reported their findings in a peer-reviewed article that underscores the complex challenges and unique therapeutic potential of cannabis oil concentrates. In this uncontrolled observational study involving 272 patients, some degree of seizure reduction was noted in 86 percent of cases. Ten percent (26 patients) experienced complete seizure remission.

In addition to documenting the efficacy of “artisanal” (meaning not FDA-approved) cannabis preparations for seizure reduction, the article highlights the need for flexible treatment protocols involving different cannabinoid ratios, an approach that implicitly calls into question single-molecule strategies favored by Big Pharma.

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